What would it have been like had you been the child of an abusive or negligent parent? What if you had been born to one of them rather than the parents you have? Not one of us was able to choose our parents at birth. This is about Rotary clubs everywhere who are choosing not to adopt a child, but rather to honor those who were not as lucky as we. This is not about one person or even one club. It is about Rotary. It is about an opportunity to change the life of a child and yours as well. As for me? I can only say that this was a "God given idea planted in my heart" -Rotary took over from there. Please read on.

You probably can remember what it was like to be the center of attention, to be the honoree or special guest at a party? You may just be reminded of what that was like for you and your family. This is a story about a picnic, began by one very small Rotary club in South Texas. What you are about to read is about heart--the heart of Rotary.

First, allow me to thank you for taking this journey with us that we call Adoption Awareness. It is a story about the men and women in Rotary. What follows will tell you about one of many, many projects that is at the heart of these men and women who belong.

Rotary is an organization dedicated to community and international service. The motto, Service Above Self, is the foundation of its purpose. Programs that have provided wheel chairs to those who would never have the resources for one, shelters to house victims of storms as recently happened with the Tsunami, school supplies for children who would never have a chance to learn otherwise, school houses in communities where there are none, and the major commitment to eradicate polio in the free world are just some of the programs Rotary has been a part of in the 166 countries, with 32,000+ clubs, and over 1,200,000 members.

Armed with this concept of Service Above Self led one small club in San Benito, Texas, to embark on what has led to a major program developing in the USA. This program simply is one that honors children who have been taken from their parents for reasons of abuse or neglect and placed in foster care. It is a party for them once a year. It is a venue that provides a special time for prospective adopting parents to observe those who are the few who will never be allowed to return to their birth parents. It is there we find special children in the direst of needs AND special people who need a special child to complete their family.

This web site will tell you about the history of the project, the successes, how to do it, why to do it, and the many, many organizations who have become involved with a desire to help. There are two thoughts that are significant which I hope you will ponder for the moment. The first is the fact that none of us were given the privilege to select our birth parents, and the second that this is Rotary at its finest.

You will find information that will assist you in joining in. If questions arise, there is a contact page. If you choose to participate, you will not only change the life of a child, you will change yours as well. Please read on, click on links, and have a party!


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